Vehicle CCTV Recording For Commercial Fleet Transport
Vehicle CCTV Recording HGV LGV Commercial Fleets. 360 Eye Data Driver Protection False Claims, Accident and Theft Prevention
In-Vehicle CCTV
'Driver Protection'
Protection from accidents, false accidents, insurance claims, false insurance
claims, false whiplash claims, staged accidents, out of court settlements.  
Reduce fleet running costs.  Pay-load and fuel theft protection options
Reduce accidents by over 50%.   Evidence gathering for protection from false accident claims and thefts
Single to Multiple, Digitally Recorded, In-Vehicle CCTV Systems
Embedding information into digitally recorded images from a GPS signal, or ISOTRAK's tracking units, providing
360 Eye-Data Protection
 In-Vehicle CCTV is an important part of any risk management strategy programme that will return capital investment along with many other benefits.
Install systems with our Lease rental option.  No Deposit, payments by Direct Debit, rental payments 100% Tax Deductable against profits.  Flexible Lease Rental terms can include maintenance and up-grades.  Terms apply.
Nationwide Vehicle CCTV Installation Service
Fleet Vehicles Heavy Goods Commercial vehicles
Taxis Buses Coaches Railway Trains Rescue Services Armoured Vehicles
Overland Expeditions Local Authorities Domestic Leisure Military Port Authorities Customs & Excise
Boats, Aircraft, Shipping 
Black Box, In-Vehicle CCTV Recording
We offer a range of Black Box type CCTV protection system options for fleet vehicle operators to suit all budgets.
Embedding GPS information or data from ISOTRAK's Telematics systems into our Digital Video Recorder produces a Complete Vehicle Data Protection System,
Black Box In-Vehicle CCTV Recording Benefits
  • Against fraudulent accident claims
  • Added protection for drivers
  • Protection options for pay-loads
  • Protection against staged accidents
  • Protection from false insurance claims
  • 'Driver Protection' warning sticker option
  • Driver training programmes
  • Health & Safety initiatives
  • Increase driver awareness
  • Protection for other road users
  • Cash for Cash claims
Reduce Running Costs:
  • Maintenance costs
  • Repair costs
  • Insurance premiums
  • Insurance claims
  • Accident damage repairs
  • Out-of-court settlements
  • Legal fees
  • Fuel consumption
  • Increase driver and road safety
  • Improve fleet transport efficiency
  • Save lives 
JCB Commercial Vehicle Insurance and Pro-Edge are jointly researching the affects and benefits that 'In-Vehicle' CCTV recording systems have on preventing and reducing accidents, injuries, false claims & running costs
Security Installer Magazine News Page July 2009 report quoted:
"Mobile CCTV will be Big" "identify blame during vehicle collisions" "avoid paying compensation" "defend against fraudulent insurance claims" "big potential areas were haulage companies and fleet operators"
"Cost savings can be significantly higher than the initial cost of the system"  
Safe Drivers Save:
Fuel, maintenance/repairs and insurance costs, plus lives
Pro-Edge and JCB Commercial Vehicle Insurance are working together to reduce accidents,
claims and fleet running costs
The benefits of our camera/recording systems are endorsed by JCB Commercial Vehicle Insurance
Insurance companies may pay for, or offer a subsidised cost against the installation of these units
Embedded data records GPS co-ordinates, speed, date, time, into digitally recorded images
 Real Time Recording 
Pedestrian taking chances to beat the traffic.  This person could have ended up as another statistic.
Unfortunately drivers are often and easily implicated as the guilty party.  
360°Eye-Data offers vital protection evidence against unjustified false claims and prosecution. 
Erratic, poor driving techniques and aggressive behaviour by other road users is common place. 
Transport drivers often bear the blame and transport companies pick up the costs. 
Insurance companies generally 'pay on claim' to avoid the risk of increased court litigation costs.
Our system options provide:
'Recorded visual evidence, single to multi cameras, embedded GPS and G Force data
The best defence evidence you will have against a false claim
Investment and ROI
360°Eye-Data/black Box systems will help to reduce insurance, fuel, repairs and running costs, protecting drivers, ensuring a return on your investment. 
Help identify criminal and false claiments 
If you are experiencing transport losses such as unwarranted false claims, insurance claims, out of court settlements, staged accidents 
regular damage to vehicles, we would like to help you
Lease Rental facilities available
Our sincere thanks to the tecnnicians at Isotrak™, the DVR technical teams at Timespacefor
their assistance and co-operation in helping us to develop this unique safety and cost saving system
Isotrak offer best-in-class vehicle tracking and telematics
solutions, focusing on optimising transport efficiency as part of
overall business performance. Customers like Skanska, Yodel,
The Royal Mail, ASDA, Sainsbury’s, Morrison and
Stobart Group, realise substantial cash savings,
reduced emissions and improved customer services
amongst a raft of other benefits.
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