Vehicle CCTV Recording For Commercial Fleet Transport
Vehicle CCTV Recording HGV LGV Commercial Fleets. 360 Eye Data Driver Protection False Claims, Accident and Theft Prevention
Our 360°Eye-Data® system is a complete fleet transport solution
The Most Valuable Asset to a Company are Its Employees.  
Pro-Edge and Isotrak can help Protect Them
 Road transport fleet vehicle companies and drivers are increasingly being subjected to road rage, dangerous driving techniques, false accident allegations, false claims, false insurance claims, staged accidents and theft.
The 360 Eye-Data system from Pro-Edge provides protection evidence
Protection Warning Sticker for rear of Vehicles
Safe drivers reduce fuel consumption and running costs
Staged accidents, insurance claims and false claims are on the increase
Commercial fleet owners and transport drivers are easy targets forfraudulent claims
The latest UK Insurance Fraud Bureau figures show an increase to £1.9BN per year.
We install single to multiple cameras and Mobile Video Recorders (DVRs) 
Driving safely reduces fuel consumption and running costs
In-Vehicle CCTV is an important part of any risk management strategy programme that will return capital investment along with many other benefits
USA Federal Department Report
A USA report into the benefits of mobile CCTV recording systems installed into fleet vehicles,  concluded that after installing one camera behind the driver's rear view mirror of a test fleet, reduced serious accidents by over 50% 
Recent UK figures support the USA Government findings, a 10% reduction in fuel consumption was also recorded
Pro-Edge take this a step further!
We embed data from a Telematics or GPS unit such as: date, time, speed,
GPS coordinates, left indicator, right indicator and brake lights, into the images
which produces a powerful and complete fleet vehicle management system
Cost savings can be significantly higher than the initial cost of the system
Positive evidence against fraudulent accident claims, injuries and unidentified drivers and vehicles
360 Eye-Data® system, helping to reduce fuel consumption, general running and insurance costs. Our system can help protect your drivers from road rage, dangerous driving, abuse, personal attack, false claims, display our 360°Eye-Data® warning notices.

"Our 360Eye-Data product offers a fully integrated / synchronised timeline for insurance investigators - enabling insurance companies to determine who hit who, with how much force and speed, what are the likely injuries (if any) - All backed up with an instant visual appreciation of the incident using video / GPS and G-sensor tracks in a single integrated image.  Opinions and recollections from each driver and witnesses are no longer relevant  - the evidence speaks for itself and them".

Isotrak offer best-in-class vehicle tracking and telematics solutions, focusing on optimising transport efficiency as part of overall business performance. Customers like Skanska, Yodel, The Royal Mail, ASDA, Sainsbury’s, Morrison and Stobart Group, realise substantial cash savings, reduced emissions, and improved customer services amongst a raft of other benefits.
Load security options with extra cameras for trailers
Add extra cameras to an articulated trailer to protect loads and identify criminal activity 
Criminal activity monitoring and extra protection options for side curtains, payloads and fuel tank diesel theft
Increased ‘Driver Awareness’ Increases 'all round' protection
and reduces fuel consumption, running/repairs and maintenance costs
Typical Screen Display on PC Playback and Down-Load
Based on the findings of the USA Federal Report, it would not be unreasonable to suggest there could be a return on investment within periods of 1 or 2 years
We can offer Lease Rental
Save your capital whilst taking advantage of 360 Eye-Data® CCTV protection
  • Simple application form. 
  • No deposit to pay
  • Monthly rental payments are 100% tax deductable against profits
  • EG Borrow £1,500.00 and pay back approx £12.32 over 1 + 35 months
  • Borrow £3,000.00 and pay back approx £16.79 over 1 + 59 months
Per Month
Per Week
1 + 35 
1 + 35 
1 + 59 
1 + 35 
1 + 59 
1 + 35 
1 + 59 
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will not be liable for the failure of any system/s, components or functionality, or any damages,
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We advise our customers to ensure they have adequate insurance against all risks.
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