Vehicle CCTV Recording For Commercial Fleet Transport
Vehicle CCTV Recording HGV LGV Commercial Fleets. 360 Eye Data Driver Protection False Claims, Accident and Theft Prevention

Eye Data Cam

Black Box Camera
Protection for commercial fleet operators and drivers from false accident claims
Black Box Type Recorder attached to the driver's cab windscreen
Real Time Image Recording @30fps, Plus GPS and G Shock Sensor Data Stored, WDR Camera, digital video recorder, G shock sensor, GPS receiver, LCD colour screen all in one unitsupplied with
'Plug and Play' cigarette adaptor lead, 4GB Micro SD Card, adaptor, window mounting bracket
Eye-Data Cam BBSDPEM009~GPS
The Eye Data Cam is offered at an introductory promotion price of only £170.00 per unit, excluding VAT
The images below display various profiles of the compact camera/DVR, all-in-one unit
The £1 coin show how compact this unit is
The WDR camera to face the road ahead, the LCD Colour Monitor/Menu Screen towards the cab
Play back screen with events list on RT  
GPS unit locates vehicle/map position  
Images can be extracted as stills  
High quality images, recorded in real time at 30fps. GPS and G Force data captured within its memory.   2.4" built-in LCD colour screen for camera alignment and access to on-screen functions list.   Saves 'G-Shock Force' incidents to memory card.
Small and compact, secure unit to driver's windscreen
Camera/DVR unit automatically goes to record mode (after approximately 10 seconds)
when powered up
Provides real time evidence for the protection of drivers against false accident claims
2.4" Integrated colour LCD monitor
VGA 640 x 480 Pixels
GPS records driving speed, time stamped images
Compact 75 x 48 x 38mm
Wide Dynamic Lens
Frame Rate up to 30fps
G Sensor Tri-Axial, X, Y, Z
GPS compatible with Google Earth
12VT ~24VT DC
1/3" CMOS
MPEG4 Compression
Data Storage Micro SD Card
Cycled, continuous, shock, emergency recording
Night time image still in colour
Records date, time and speed
X, Y and Z G-Forces recorded
Supplied with power cord, 4GB Micro SD Card, SD Card adaptor, Mounting bracket, Operating software on SD Card
1. Via supplied cigarette lighter power cord
2. Wire directly into ignition system with the optional power supply lead.  
Ignition turned on, unit goes into auto record mode.  £18.00 ex VAT 
The optional power supply allows the Black Box recorder to carry on recording
for approximately 10 minutes after the ignition is turned off
Some important observation points raised by one of our customers, Cleveland Land Services
  • The first thing a driver does when in an accident is to turn off the ignition
  • The run on timer can provide further evidence
  • Who the driver of the vehicle in front was?
  • Who got out of the car and from where?
  • Did they look to be injured?
  • How many occupants in the car ahead (compared to how many post accident claims for whiplash or injuries manifest)?
  • Vehicles movements after the incident
  • Items discarded from the vehicle/s in front
  • What damage was caused to the vehicle in front (if any) pre-and post accident?
  • Record a hit and run incident after the vehicles had stopped
  • Record any post accident road rage 
We recommend that only qualified vehicle electricains install by the direct wiring method
We can arrange for our own engineers to install units for you
JCB Commercial Vehicle Insurance and Pro-Edge are jointly researching the affects and benefits that 'In-Vehicle' CCTV recording systems have on preventing and reducing accidents, injuries, false claims & running costs 

Pro-Edge and JCB Commercial Vehicle Insurance are working together to reduce accidents, claims and running costs

The benefits of our camera/recording systems are endorsed by JCB Commercial Vehicle Insurance
High Definition Black Box Camera/Recorder
H264 Compression - 0.5LUX - Date, Time, Speed Option, 12VT ~36VT DC, G-Shock Sensor - Micro SD 8~32GB, 4GB supplied.
Viewer Software Zoom Feature, Play-Back on Google Maps, Analyse Driving Habits, Cigarette Cord, Operation Manual, Video Cable
10 ~ 100 units £259.00 Ex VAT.  Free carriage.
Insurance companies may pay for, or offer a subsidised cost against the installation of these units.
Without evidence, Insurance Companies tend to automatically pay-out on claims, avoiding additional litigation costs.
Presenting CCTV evidence can certainly help tip the balance and help reverse the rapidly increasing
'false claims', 'cash for crash', 'out-of-court' and false whiplash claim culture
 Black Box 360° Eye-Data and Eye-Data Cam systems from Pro-Edge helps reduce:
Running Costs ~ Accidents ~ False Claims ~ Maintenance/Repair Costs ~ Fuel Consumption ~ Insurance Premiums 
Vehicle camera CCTV recording systems recommended by Insurance Companies
30,000 staged accidents in the UK a year
1,200 new claims for whiplash every day in the UK (data BBC) 
 Reduce accidents by 50%
(USA Federal Department Study)
Record protection evidence false claims, staged accidents, stabilse or reduce insurance premiums
Save on fuel and repair costs
The Eye Data Cam is offered at an introductory promotion price of £170.00 per unit, excluding VAT
The Black Box 'Eye Data Cam' unit at this price, leaves the competition standing!
Its nearest contender (with lower spec) is £17.68 more!
Optional ignition power lead with timer facility £18.00 ex VAT (when ordered with recorder)
Additional camera/recorder mounting bracket availale at £5.00 each (when ordered with recorders)
Coming soon for the Black Box camera/recorder, additional battery-pack power supply
Free delivery to UK Mainland
Terms and conditions apply 
Prices and specification subject to change without prior notice
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Vehicle safety camera systems are an ideal resource for driver training skills programmes
Official USA research results show that accidents are reduced by 50% by fitting one camera to the driver's window
We also supply and install multi channel mobile digital recorders and camera systems. 360° Eye-Data®
All cameras and recorders are offered as additional protection, they are not guaranteed to prevent accidents. Pro-Edge will not be hald responsible for any injury or damage, however or to whomever caused by the failure of camera recording systems
See our link to the Institute of Advanced Motorists IAM