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How far would you go to help someone else?
In September of 2010, Silvie and Neil from the Rambling Rat team departed from London to journey through France, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Malawi,
Zambia, Botswana on to to Cape Town South Africa.  (Scroll down for latest news) 
Their mission, to help marginalised children and raise awareness of a global children's charity, 'Street Kids International'
 On the left image, Dave Clements Installation Manager from Pro-Edge installing the CCTV system, Neil from RamblingRat and
Paul Marsh from Footloose 4x4      
The right image, Silvie from RamblingRat (with a big smile)
Pro-Edge installed a Professional Mobile Digital Video Recorder (DVR) supplied by Timespace, connected to two miniature High Definition Cameras, one at the front facing forward and one at the rear of the vehicle, plus an LCD Colour Screen for rear view monitoring and safe reversing. 
 The DVR recorded live images from both
cameras, plus embed data it has extracted from the Telematics unit into the images, such as: GPS coordinates, speed date and time. 
The vehicle was 'live tracked' by
ISOTRAK™ throughout its journey.
A Telematics Tracking Unit, kindly loaned by ISOTRAK™ has also been installed and connected to the mobile CCTV system.  
Monitor screen inside cab, plus Silvie holding the small rear facing camera
Silvie and Neil arrived safely in South Africa and are taking a well earned rest 
The cameras installed were of high resolution, 520TVL units and operated down to 0.0014 Lux.
The system produced quality images and 'live' memorable footage of their journey.
As a distributor of Puncturesafe, Pro-Edge has installed the gel into the tyres of their Land Cruiser.  Safety is paramount.
The single application will protect the Toyota's tyres from punctures and blowouts
The story of Rambling Rat and achievements so far.  Please read on or go to
How far would you go to help someone less fortunate than yourself


In a moment of inspiration and with a burning need to put something back into the World… sold his house in Scotland to fund
a ‘Round-The-World’ overland expedition to raise awareness to the issues faced by disadvantaged children. 
Tim has a deep passion to help children at risk, so much so that he went further than anyone else I have ever known and gave up   his security, his home. 
Tim quickly saw that Street Kids International, a global Charity dedicated to empowering youth around the world to build better futures for themselves was the key and he has since then been flying their banner wherever he goes.
Some amazing facts about Tim:
Sold his home to fund the awareness expedition and set off in June 2008
Up to 2010 travelled over 66,000 miles (no punctures)
Solo and unsupported circumnavigation of the World

Has visited over 12 Countries (and more)

Has appeared in numerous publicity media including magazines and television 

Traversed three Continents and Three Oceans

He has given motivational talks in schools and youth centres in 4 countries
He is now running a bus, setting up youth projects helping others less fortunate
In Russia his Toyota Land Cruiser crashed into a 4 feet deep hole. 
This snapped the ratchet straps holding items on the roof and bent his front axle and suspension. 
The roof rack survived unscathed, so thankfully did Tim.

He has sustained and lived in temperatures down to minus 49°

Driven across frozen lakes

Has motivated youngsters to organise and set up a number of  skateboarding centres overseas

Provided inspiration and drive for overseas youth projects

Moved his Toyota from Country to Country on 7 plus ships 

Tim completed this single handed from funds selling his home

Tim with Alex Tilley
(Tilley Hats)
Alex Tilley is a great and generous suporter of Street Kids International.  
Tim met up with Alex on his travels and stayed with him at his home in Canada. 


Tim never asks anyone to personally finance him.  He just says that he is raising awareness for marginalised youth and
Street Kids International.  No one can put a price on the life changing experiences he has catalysed and what he has raised in motivation, kindness, inspiration and finances, whilst raising the profile and awareness of Street Kids International.
Since our first meeting when he spotted the Storm Roof Rack at a Donnington 4x4 Show, he has touched ours and many other 
lives in such a profound way.  He has graciously stayed with us at our Northamptonshire home a couple of times.
Prior to departure Neil and Silvie visiting Isotrak Head Office in Milton Keynes
The telematics data was extracted and embedded (including GPS location) into the recorded images. 


Click on to Tim’s web site to follow his progress, see the Rambling Rat new theme idea, M.A.D. Music, Art and Drama.  Plus the Web sites many links.
Click on to to read more about the charity work in over 60 Countries.  Make a donation to help the Rambling Rat expedition to achieve their goals of supporting Street KidsYouTube and Google Rambling Rat - amazing coverage
Tim is continuing his journey and his mission, taking in places such as the USA, Mexico, Central and South America, all the way to Tierra del Fuego at the tip of Argentina.  Tim is now running a community help Bus, offering groups the hands-on opportunity of being involved with his projects

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Our sincere thanks to Isotrak and Timespace for their support
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