Vehicle CCTV Recording For Commercial Fleet Transport
Vehicle CCTV Recording HGV LGV Commercial Fleets. 360 Eye Data Driver Protection False Claims, Accident and Theft Prevention
   Security and Safety Protection, for Taxi and
Private Hire Drivers
We supply and fit camera recording systems to suit your needs and budget
Protection of drivers and property
Taxi drivers are prone to:
Verbal abuse, physical attack, none payment of fees, false allegations, damage to property and more 
Single to multi camera options
SD Card and Hard Drive recorder options.
Installation service
Our miniature high definition cameras operate at very low light levels.  
Anti-vandal dome camera options also available.
The optimum system specification for taxi's 
A camera covering the passenger area, second camera protecting the driver, audio recording, separate digital video recorder locked away from passenger and driver intervention, direct wired to the ignition system, removable hard drive with long record time.  Date and time stamped.
For compact all-in-one recorder options please see page Black Box Offers
 SD Card Recorder Options
Compact all in one camera/recorders
Separate SD Card recorders, with single and dual card memory storage options. Single and multi channel recording.  DVR locked in boot.
Audio recording options
All in one window mount camera/recorder units, single and dual cameras, from £150.00 to £220.00 each.
Ignition power cords
Camera Options
Vandal resistant dome cameras
Miniature Low-Light Cameras
All in one camera/recorders
Cab and passenger applications  
Hard Drive Recorders
Long record times
Removable Hard drives
Multi camera channels
Recorders can be locked in boot for safety
Audio recording options
Hard wired to ignition avoids driver interaction.
With SD and Micro SD card systems, swap cards after the end of each shift.  Remove and replace memory cards immediately after incident, down load evidence to a PC. 
Hard drive recorders offer longer record times and greater reliability, download events and evidence and store to a PC 
 Please consult with us for advice on the most suitable system for your specification
UK installation service
           Suggested warning sticker for vehicles
For Protection Of People And Property
Permanent CCTV Recording in Operation
Driver protection against false accident and false insurance claims
See Black Box Offers Tab for other Camera/DVR options
All prices exclude VAT and delivery
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CCTV systems are supplied as an aid for the protection of people and property. 
 Pro-Edge will not be liable for the failure of any system/s, components or functionality,
or any damages, injury or losses of any kind, to however and including but not limited to,
whomever caused.  
We advise our customers to ensure they have adequate insurance against all risks.
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