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 In-Vehicle CCTV

In-Vehicle CCTV offers powerful protection evidence against false accident claims
360° Eye-Data® 
Designed to save lives, protect drivers and fleet operators from false accident claims, false insurance claims, out of court settlements, thefts and staged accidents, false whiplash claims, cash for crash claims, reduce repairs, maintenance and fuel costs. 


We aim to protect drivers, save lives, reduce the blame and claim culture, enable prosecution of false claimants, stabilise insurance premiums, reduce running and repair costs, retain delivery efficiency and customer confidence.

BBC News on 11 March 2011 reported that MPs are concerned about the increase in litigation claims (blame and claim)
The same news item reported of 30,000 cases of staged accidents each year



UK statistics:

30,000 ‘cash for crash’ claims per year  (data source BBC News)

1,300 new claims for whiplash, every day (data source BBC News).  In June 2012 the BBC reported a 30% increase.

Most transport fleet operators report a minimum average loss of £3,500 per vehicle, per year

Commercial drivers and fleet operators are the most prone to staged and false accident claims

75% of accidents are caused by other road users (data IRTU 2010)




"Our 360Eye-Data product offers a fully integrated / synchronised timeline for insurance investigators - enabling insurance companies to determine who hit who, with how much force and speed, what are the likely injuries (if any) - All backed up with an instant visual appreciation of the incident using video / GPS and G-sensor tracks in a single integrated image.  Opinions and recollections from each driver and witnesses are no longer relevant  - the evidence speaks for itself and them".

Quote from JCB Insurance Services

As advised, my clients who are running with your cameras have seen huge improvements on their claims experience, they seem to have transformed the drivers behaviour, ultimately ending with reduced insurance costs after a period of time, and insurance available with first class insurers. 



The main effects of In-Vehicle CCTV on commercial fleet transport companies:




·       Protection of drivers

·       help develop driver perceptions of risks

·       adopt new thought processes

·       help drivers to become ‘safer drivers’

·       be more conscious of their actions

·       to take responsibility for their actions

·       develop long term driver skills

·       take pride in driving record and skills

·       encourage advanced driving training

·       promote self worth (Maslow-Bloom)

·       retain and encourage loyal drivers

·       link bonus schemes and privileges




·       accidents

·       injuries

·       repairs and maintenance costs

·       fuel consumption

·       false claims

·       out-of-court settlements

·       false insurance and litigation claims

·       insurance premiums

·       cash for cash claims

·       false whiplash claims

·       driver attacks

·       road rage




·       Drivers and transport companies are generally unable to produce or offer adequate visual defence evidence against claims.

·       Without ‘visual evidence’ Insurers and/or transport companies often ‘pay-on-claim’, avoiding the likelihood of increased litigation costs, plus potential loss of credibility.



Customer Service

·       maintain high levels of service to customers

·       retain customer credibility

·       increase new customer potential

·       reliability of service

·       deliver goods on time

·       reduce down-time

·       maintain fleet levels

·       promotional advantages




Install ‘real time’, mobile In-Vehicle CCTV ‘Black Box’ type recording systems.  Single to multi-camera options provide visual protection and claim defence evidence. 360oEye-Data® options.


Installation Benefits of Black Box Type Mobile CCTV Recording Systems

·       Subconsciously drivers become more aware and take greater responsibility for their actions

·       In the event of accidents and false claims, real time CCTV footage offers substantial protection and defence against claims

·       Accidents reduced by a minimum of 50%

·       Improved driver techniques reduces fuel consumption ( UK figures show a 10% fuel reduction)

·       Insurance premiums stabilised and even reduced (please refer to JCB Commercial Vehicle Insurance)

·       Increased productivity, efficiency, reduction in down time, reduced fleet running costs

·       Improvements in driver actions can be used to propagate competitiveness and training programmes


Visual Warning

360 Eye-Data® stickers and labels for attaching to vehicles as a preventative warning to other drivers

Development Note:  ATEX compliance being investigated

Options of embedding, telemetry, GPS and G Force data into images. 

Using No Deposit Lease rental and for less than the cost of two Litres of fuel per day,

a four camera recording system with 1TB hard drive can be supplied and installed by our engineers.


Single camera In-Vehicle CCTV has proven to reduce accidents by a minimum of 50%.

In-Vehicle CCTV has also shown to reduce fuel consumption by up to 10%.  Even at a 2% fuel saving, the lease rental cost will be more than off-set by the fuel savings alone. 
"At JCB we work hard to ensure our client has the right solutions to effectively manage their Motor Fleet risks and it is our belief that vehicle tracking and in-vehicle CCTV are among the most powerful tools available to achieve this"
Micheal Gregory Director JCB Insurance Services  

Use our Lease Rental option to finance installation of systems.  No Deposit, rental payments 100% Tax Deductable against profits.  Payments terms can include maintenance cover and future up-grades.  Terms will apply.
Exclusive products and bespoke design facilities.
Hard drive recorders offer superior, long recording times and excellent image quality.  The higher definition the camera results in more storage space being used.  Compact Flash (CF) memory card, all-in-one recorders, provide a lower cost alternative
Pro-Edge being autonomous are able to act similar to a broker, we have huge supply resources, the images below are for representation only and do not represent the vast range of In-Vehicle cameras at our disposal





Dual Cameras
Built-in GPS & G sensor With 2 GB SD Card 
Dual Cameras.  Built-in GPS & G Sensor With GB Micro SD Card 
Single Camera.  Built-in GPS & G Sensor.  Micro SD card 
Single Camera.  G Force Sensor.  With 2GB Micro SD card.  12 ~ 24V DC
As unit to left.  Fitted to inside of driver's window. 1.3 Megapixel
Approximately 62% of impacts are to the vehicle front
24% of impacts are on vehicle sides (Data: International Road Transport Union 2010)
Accident reduction, claim reduction, running cost reductions are important factors and in one way or another, affect us all.
Statistics planning and implementation has an important role to play. We are looking for clients and associated companies plus official bodies that would be willing to participate in producing data that will help others.
Pro-Edge and JCB Commercial Vehicle Insurance are working together to reduce accidents,
claims and running costs
The benefits of our camera/recording systems are endorsed by JCB Commercial Vehicle Insurance
Insurance companies may pay for, or offer a subsidised cost against the installation of these units
 Black Box 360° Eye-Data and Eye-Data Cam systems from Pro-Edge helps reduce:
Running Costs ~ Accidents ~ False Claims ~ Maintenance/Repair Costs ~ Fuel Consumption ~ Insurance Premiums
Without evidence, Insurance companies tend to automatically pay-out on claims, thus avoiding additional litigation costs.
Presenting CCTV evidence can certainly help tip the balance and help reverse the rapidly incresasing
'blame and claim', 'cash for crash' culture.
Nationwide Installation Service
We have a core team of 12 experienced
CCTV and vehicle electronics engineers.
Using our network resources we are able increase this figure by over 100
Our multi-camera hard drive recorder options include:
GPS sensor data, live remote viewing via 3G, self diagnosis notifications, automatic download of data to depot server, tracking system, SIM card facilities, remote notification of access to rear doors, image capure from within load area when doors are opened. driver alarm inputs, 1TB data storage, locked access to hard drive, 8 camera inputs as standard and more...
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Pro-Edge Limited aim to provide a first class service to our customers.  

CCTV systems are supplied as an aid for the protection of people and property. 
Pro-Edge will not be liable for the failure of any system/s, components or functionality,
or any damages, injury or losses of any kind, to however and including but not limited to, whomever caused.  
We advise our customers to ensure they have adequate insurance against all risks.
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